My First First Quilt: A Confession

"Closed Windows" (2004)

Okay, I have a confession to make. I started this blog by posting about “my first quilt” here. The truth is, that wasn’t really my first quilt–though it was the first finished quilt done completely by me.

Several years ago, I made this little wall hanging out of scraps. It measures 20 x 29 inches and was machine pieced and quilted. I didn’t count this as my first finished quilt because I didn’t actually finish it. I took it to the quilt shop to have the binding done. I don’t know why–I think the whole idea of doing any kind of hand stitching scared me back then.

So why haven’t I shared this before? Because I’m a little bit embarrassed by how poorly it was done. I like the patchwork, but the quilting is awful. I used a regular foot and running stitch on my machine and made a complete mess of it. I didn’t have a walking foot back then, couldn’t afford one, and wouldn’t have known how to use it if I did. Lesson learned. Just look at the awful puckering.

the ugly truth

This little number hangs on our bedroom wall. It’s getting dusty, but is so poorly made I doubt it would hold up to a washing.

So now you know. Stop laughing.

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