Paper Pieced Self-Portrait


Okay, so this isn’t quilting and doesn’t involve fabric, but technically it is paper-pieced patchwork. Ha ha.

Last semester, I took a Fine Arts Visual class as part of my degree. For the first art project, we were restricted to using scissors, paper, and glue to create a self-portrait. The idea was to cut out parts from magazines, which I did not like because I don’t look like women in magazines. I spent the majority of my time making a patchwork paper quilt, and had fun with it.  I’m rather pleased with the result. I’m calling it “Soon I Shall Start to Wear Purple.”

In case you’re wondering, I got the inspiration for the background from one of my favorite patchwork books: Spectacular Scraps: A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts.

There’s not much patchwork or quilting going on today because I’m busy catching up on work, but I thought I would share that with you. That’s the end of my blogging fun for the day.

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3 Responses to Paper Pieced Self-Portrait

  1. Cheryl Allison says:

    Sandra, yo, también. Pienso que la historia de las colchas retazos es fascinante. Nunca me aburriré con ellas porque cada uno es diferente.

  2. Me gusta las colchas de retasos y su historia, tengo conocimiento de ellas ya que mi abuela las hacia y, me gustaba ver esos colores variado

  3. Dreamalittle says:

    A very creative result to the task – really like it!

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