More Clearance Fabrics

25 clearance fabrics

I’ve been a very bad girl and bought 25 more fabrics. In my own defense, they were all on clearance.

I’m sorry, hubby. I couldn’t help it. Maybe you could write it off as an early birthday present.

Sorry, children. That means no movie or candy money for you this week. Your rooms are a mess anyway, so stop rolling your eyes.

Sixteen fabrics are from Down Shadow Lane’s online fabric shop, which I found on the Moda website. They have some gorgeous collections. I would have scooped up more during the sale, but I was trying to be frugal and only bought one yard of fabric for hexagon fussy cutting, and a grab bag of scraps. I am very pleased with the scraps because most are about 1/4 cuts or nearly fat quarters. Just a few are strips. All but two are large enough to cut my hexagons from.

I bought the other clearance fabrics from Hancock Fabrics. I chose most of those for their fussy cutting potential. Four are 1/2 yard cuts and the others are 1/4 yard cuts.

Total spent: $34.52.

Not bad. Our family of five will only have to skip one meal to pay for it. I need to lose a few pounds anyway.

fabrics from Hancock Fabrics


fabrics from Down Shadow Lane

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  1. I just wrote you a long blog which I lost when I clicked on subscribe. Love your blog, keep doing it!

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