Darling Little Hexagons

fussy cut hexagons

I made another 79 hexagons, mostly from fabrics I’ve already shown, but I did manage to cut into one of my new fabrics–a babyish print with images of toys on a pastel yellow background. Two weeks ago before this hexagon craze hit me, I would not have looked twice at a fabric like this, but fussy cutting has transformed it into adorable. I am so in love. Just look at the little darlings.

I put back three layer cakes, four charms, and one jelly roll strip from this fabric. That left enough to fussy cut 18 hexagons with only a couple of repeats.

This was my first attempt at fussy cutting, and I decided that I prefer the off-center images to the ones that are perfectly centered. If I had to do it over again, I would not have perfectly centered so many of them.

But I still love them. I am now dreaming of making an I Spy hexagon baby quilt. When I started creating hexagons, I thought they would all go into the same quilt, but I don’t know now. We’ll see.  I enjoy basting the hexagons, and am in no hurry to start sewing them together. I could probably baste thousands without getting bored. It is very relaxing.

three-drawer hexagon storageSo even though these may not end up in that queen sized quilt I was planning, the official total after adding the 79 hexagons I just made is 213.

I also cleared out a three-drawer plastic storage container so I would have a place to keep them all. It used to hold my greeting card and stationery collection, but who has time to write with all this patchwork going on?

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