Half Moon Hexagons and More of the Same

38 hexagons made from Moda Half Moon charm pack

A few months ago, I purchased a charm pack of Moda’s Half Moon fabrics. It was a good price, but one of those purchases that I later regretted. I love 5″ charms, jelly rolls, and layer cakes, but I am also quite obsessive about pre-washing all my fabrics to avoid unwanted shrinkage. Unfortunately, commercial charm packs and jelly rolls don’t mix well with my working methods. So I thought that cute Half Moon charm pack was a waste. But then I started on hexagons. I washed all those charms and cut them into 3.5 inch squares, then starting hexing away. There are 38 Half Moon hexes in all.

Moda Half Moon hexes

I’m not sure how I will incorporate black and white prints into an otherwise colorful hexagon quilt, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. My hexagons are turning out to be about 1.25 inches, and I calculated that I will need 1,822 of them to make a queen sized quilt measuring approximately 85 x 85 inches. Since I am making random hexes right now, without regard for color, it’s likely that I’ll need to weed out hexes when I start putting them all together. On the other hand, I don’t like the idea of leaving hexes behind, so perhaps I’ll incorporate them into the quilt backing. One thing I love about the quilts shown in Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork is that all of the backings are pieced together using large sections of fabrics and smaller charms from the quilt front. That solves the problem of finding fabrics large enough to cover the entire backing area. I plan to adopt that practice moving forward, and will also sew my labels into the backing instead of attaching them separately.

18 more hexes

In this sitting, I also made a few more hexagons from color prints–18 in all. So with the 38 Half Moon hexes, that’s another 56 hexagons toward the goal of 1,822. I printed out a coloring sheet of 1,948 hexagons using the hexagon generator. It’s mostly used for creating paper templates, but I wanted something to color in. I got the idea from Texas Freckles. Grand total so far: 134.

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  1. Dreamalittle says:

    I love this fabric, really unusual! My Blog

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