My First Patchwork Quilt

On Christmas Day 2010, I finished my first patchwork quilt. Not that I’m new to quilting. It’s just the first project I ever completed beginning to end! I gave it to my three year old niece, Rebecca, for Christmas.

"Wild Goose Chase" 2010. 39x39 inches. Machine pieced. Hand quilted.

"Wild Goose Chase" detail

It was hand quilted and made using a pattern from Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, 3rd Edition.  I am kind of proud of my hand quilting stitches. They are wobbly and a little uneven, but not too bad for my first time. Click on the image to see a larger version.

closeup of "Wild Goose Chase"

Note that I used high loft batting, ignoring the warnings to start with low loft while learning to hand quilt. I probably made it harder on myself, but I think the high loft works well for this quilt design. I was also warned that uneven hand quilting stitches really show up on a solid background, so I opted for a coordinating print on the reverse side. Since I don’t know any hand quilters and have never seen it done, I watched YouTube videos to learn the rocking stitch. Not easy to master!

It took four months to complete this quilt from start to finish, and it was only 39×39 inches. I can’t imagine how long it will take to finish a full or queen size, but I aim to find out.

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