Hex Yeah!


My up and coming patchwork obsession will surely be hexagons.

I started to miss sitting on the sofa hand quilting as the family watches a movie. After months of quilting every night, watching a movie seems pointless without busy fingers. Then I remembered the grandmother’s garden blocks I used to hand sew using the English paper piecing method. It was so relaxing.

So yesterday I went digging and found some wonderful videos about hexagon strip piecing. The wheels started to turn in my head and I realized that hexagons are not just for grandmother’s garden blocks. They can be used to make a very modern quilt. I followed the links from the video and discovered a great blog that features a group for a hexagon charm quilt piece-along. Perfect!

So what did I do next? I whipped out my box of scrap fabrics, grabbed my hex template, and started piecing. I finished around 40 hexagons last night. I can see myself collecting thousands over the years. Who knows if they will ever end up in a quilt, but I don’t care. This is fun!

first hexagons

my hexagons from scraps

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One Response to Hex Yeah!

  1. Love the hexs. My Aunt has boxes of them that she also makes in front of the T.V. She says it’s addicting. Maybe one day I’ll give it a try. Can’t wait to see what you make with them!
    P.S. Adorable name and header – I LOVE dots too. I sneak them into every thing I make!

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