Quilty Habit Giveaway

Jessica over at Quilty Habit is giving away a Moda Origins charm pack. I’m just thinking how pretty those would look turned into hexagons. 🙂

Head on over and sign up for the giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment. You can earn extra entries by following the blog or blogging about it, as I’ve done here. The winner will be drawn Friday, January 28.

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I’ll finish this quilt if it takes a hundred years!

Paper piecing small hexagons is fun, but a lot of work, especially considering that it may take 2000 hexagons to make a quilt. And those hexagons are all hand stitched–no machine! If you have it in your mind to hand quilt it, too, then you are a brave and determined soul. I don’t know if I have the stick-to-itiveness to execute such a quilt, as I had originally planned.

Today I was browsing the Quilt Index, looking for inspiration from historical quilts and thinking perhaps I could find a hexagon design that takes less work. Then I came across “Honeycomb Star,” a hexagon quilt with an interesting design that was not the standard grandmother’s garden pattern, though some flowers are incorporated. Each of the flowers are surrounded by triangles arranged to create a star pattern. I thought this design had some potential for being transformed into something modern. Then I read the data. It took over one hundred years to piece this quilt, and it was still not finished!

"Honeycomb Star" 83 inches x 84 inches. English paper pieced, 1833-1937, by Dr. Hassell N. Crouch and family.

The notes for the index entry say:

Quilt was begun in SC but brought to Providence, RI where work continued on it., Dr. Crouch designed the quilt pattern and color scheme, his wife stitched it together. Dr. Crouch would work on the quilt while he was pondering a particular difficult case he had to prescribe treatment for. After his death, the quilt was put away, not worked on again until the summers of the years 1930-1937.

So props to any of you who manage to finish your paper-pieced hexagon quilt within your lifetime! And if you actually finish one, please be sure to send me a link so I can congratulate you.

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Fussy Cut Fusion

hex audition

I’ve been busy working–you know, real life job and all–but I did manage to baste a few more hexagons over the past few days. Most of them I did in short sittings, sewing 3 or 6 at a time, which takes 4 or 5 minutes.

I cut into some of the newer fabrics–some were fussy cut, and really liked the results. I also liked the way this batch of hexagons look beside one another. I think they sit well together, and I’m almost tempted to start sewing blocks. But no. I’ll wait. Too much real life work to do.

So . . . now for the count. I basted 82 news hexagons from 12 different fabrics, bringing the grand total to 295.

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My First First Quilt: A Confession

"Closed Windows" (2004)

Okay, I have a confession to make. I started this blog by posting about “my first quilt” here. The truth is, that wasn’t really my first quilt–though it was the first finished quilt done completely by me.

Several years ago, I made this little wall hanging out of scraps. It measures 20 x 29 inches and was machine pieced and quilted. I didn’t count this as my first finished quilt because I didn’t actually finish it. I took it to the quilt shop to have the binding done. I don’t know why–I think the whole idea of doing any kind of hand stitching scared me back then.

So why haven’t I shared this before? Because I’m a little bit embarrassed by how poorly it was done. I like the patchwork, but the quilting is awful. I used a regular foot and running stitch on my machine and made a complete mess of it. I didn’t have a walking foot back then, couldn’t afford one, and wouldn’t have known how to use it if I did. Lesson learned. Just look at the awful puckering.

the ugly truth

This little number hangs on our bedroom wall. It’s getting dusty, but is so poorly made I doubt it would hold up to a washing.

So now you know. Stop laughing.

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Paper Pieced Self-Portrait

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Okay, so this isn’t quilting and doesn’t involve fabric, but technically it is paper-pieced patchwork. Ha ha. Last semester, I took a Fine Arts Visual class as part of my degree. For the first art project, we were restricted to … Continue reading

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More Clearance Fabrics

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I’ve been a very bad girl and bought 25 more fabrics. In my own defense, they were all on clearance. I’m sorry, hubby. I couldn’t help it. Maybe you could write it off as an early birthday present. Sorry, children. … Continue reading

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Darling Little Hexagons

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I made another 79 hexagons, mostly from fabrics I’ve already shown, but I did manage to cut into one of my new fabrics–a babyish print with images of toys on a pastel yellow background. Two weeks ago before this hexagon … Continue reading

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Shape Cut Pro Tutorial

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As a follow up to my previous post about washing and preparing new fabrics, I thought I would share a little more about my working methods and how I store my fabrics. For those of you who also love jelly … Continue reading

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Clearance Bin Fabrics

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I found eight gorgeous fabrics in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby. They were $1.50 to $2.00 for each half yard. I usually buy fabric in one-yard increments, but money is tight these days. Besides, I’d rather have twice as … Continue reading

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Hexing Box

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I found the perfect little portable box for storing my hexagon sewing supplies. It’s a two-compartment, satin lined box that Elizabeth gave for Christmas three years ago. It came with two cute coffee cups, which I use a lot. I … Continue reading

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